Best Fuel Efficient Cars

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Best Fuel Efficient Cars

Fuel efficiency is, or should be, one of the main concerns for anyone looking at buying a new or used car, truck, van or other vehicle. More than oil, tune-ups and repairs, gasoline will probably be the one thing that you spend the most money on over the life of your vehicle. Therefore, it only makes sense to look for vehicles that gave the greatest fuel efficiency, and will give owners the best value for every fuel dollar they spend. While we will happily leave some room for debate, these are the ten best fuel efficient cars on the market today, according to us.

Chevrolet Cruze Eco

This sporty sedan features a whopping 42 MPG highway rating, as well as a still impressive 28 MPG when faced with city driving conditions. It’s one of the only cars on our list which runs exclusively on gasoline, and with a MSRP set below $20,000, it’s also one of the most fuel efficient cars for the price. There are few gasoline-only cars that can compare to the Cruze Eco in terms of fuel efficiency.

Nissan Leaf

The 2016 Nissan Leaf is difficult to beat when talking about fuel economy. This electric car may not have the raw power or performance of more muscular cars which use gasoline alone, but with a combined 114 MPG, the Leaf is one of the most fuel efficient cars on the market today. Granted, it is a bit on the small side, but that just means the drivetrain needs to work less to propel the vehicle and its occupant.

Kia Optima Hybrid

If your car isn’t all gasoline or all electric, the odds are good it’s a hybrid of some sort, like the Kia Optima Hybrid. This vehicle marries the technology of the past to the technology of the future, and it gives owners a decent 38 MPG average when you add together city and highway fuel ratings and divide by two. The 10-year warranty when buying direct from the manufacturer is also a nice selling point.

Ford C-Max Hybrid

The 2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid is the second hybrid vehicle on our list, but it gets slightly better mileage than the last hybrid, with around 40 MPG combined city/highway mileage ratings. And, in spite of the vehicle’s smallish 4 cylinder engine, it comes with more storage space and cargo room inside than most of the other vehicles on this list, giving much more than most consumers expect to get for $25,000.

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Our Favorite Car Exterior Upgrade Options

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Our Favorite Car Exterior Upgrade Options

There are numerous ways to modify the outward appearance of your vehicle without making yourself look like an idiot. No, we’re not talking about putting tail fins on a hatchback or racing stripes on the bottom of your fully electric vehicle that wouldn’t win you a race if your life depended on it, but we do have a handful of other good ideas and options that might be worth thinking about if you’re trying to dress your vehicle up and make it look fresh.

Rolling bars, or a roll cage, may seem totally unnecessary to you, and to be perfectly honest most drivers can do without them. However, if you drive recreationally or as a sport, or if you live in an area with terrible roads or plenty of hills that offer many opportunities for your vehicle to take a tumble, a roll cage could actually save your life. If that doesn’t describe you and your situation, then installing a roll cage will probably just make you look paranoid, or crazy. Or both.

A customized exhaust system is another great exterior upgrade option for most cars. You want something that sounds good, not loud, which is a shame since so many aftermarket exhaust systems seem to exist exclusively to make cars noisier. Any auto aficionado can tell you all that noise equates to lost performance for your vehicle – quieter is definitely better in this case. If you want to boost your MPG by single digits or give your engine a few more horses to work with, this is a good option.

Another solid exterior upgrade option is adding LED light bars to the front, sides and rear of your vehicle, especially if you enjoy going for late night drives when there’s relatively little light shining down from above to illuminate the world around you. One of the best ways to avoid an accident is to make sure you are more visible to other drivers with whom you’re sharing the road. One of our authors recently installed LED bars on his ’06 Mustang, and he says a great source for these types of lights is BlackOakLed.Com. Other sources exist though – look for whatever meets your specific needs.

Although it is less useful for drivers who don’t regularly go off-road, a winch is still an excellent upgrade for just about every driver. Even if you’re not using it to pull your own vehicle out of ditches, mudholes or other hazards, attaching a winch to your vehicle will allow you to help out other stranded motorists if you happen to see any during your travels, and it’s hard to say this is a bad thing for any reason. We’re not talking about using your jeep to tow huge trucks back to a local garage or anything – just a little pull can get a stranded vehicle up and running again.

Though they don’t have a universal utility (except for the exhaust), these are some of our favorite upgrades for vehicles. They provide added safety, or give you the ability to help yourself or other drivers, or make you less likely to get into an accident by making you more visible, and all of these are good things.

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